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Career Requirements

Arts & Entertainment

Disc Jockey
Fashion Designer
Graphic Design
News Caster

Human Resources
International Business
Risk Management
Criminal Justice

Ballistic Expert
Border Patrol
Correctional Counseling
Fire Service
Law Enforcement
Loss Prevention
Prison Guard
Social Work
US Customs

Library Science

Learn About Career Requirements

Find the educational requirements and skills you will need for a career in Arts & Entertainment, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Care, Science, and Technical.

Landing the job of your dreams may not necessarily require a formal education, but it can certainly help. Finding that job is usually much more challenging without a college degree, especially considering that most employers prefer to hire candidates who have completed formal higher education. It is possible to work your way up by leveraging past employment experiences and skills, but it’s often a more challenging path.

According to statistics provided by the National Center for Policy Analysis, individuals with a college degree make on average twice as much as a high school graduate without a degree or a trade. And professionals with advanced college degrees ?masters and doctorate’s, etc. ?make an average of three times as much as a high school graduate without a degree.

Make the most of your future by furthering your education. Working hard to earn a degree will show determination and add value to your skills and background. It will also open many more doors to you in your future. Once you’ve chosen the career of your dreams, then you need to identify the education and skills necessary to achieve your dream job. After you’ve figured out which degree you’ll need to pursue your future career, you can then begin looking into both on-campus and online degree programs until you find something that fits your budget and lifestyle. If you decide that you would like to pursue your degree entirely online then make sure to choose a school that is accredited.

An accredited college will ensure that your future degree will be recognized in your state and your career field of choice. Choosing a school that is not accredited can be a waste of your time and money. Always be sure to contact prospective schools to ensure that they offer the right programs and environment to meet your educational needs. Many colleges also provide career guidance to help you get started in a new job after graduation.

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Health Care

Health and Exercise Science
Home Health Registered Nurse
Medical Pathologist
Neonatal Nursing
Nurse Practitioner
Pediatric Nursing
Physical Therapy
Psychiatric Nurse

Biological Psychology
Marine Biologist

Computer Science
Electrical Engineer
Technical Professional
Video Game Programmer
Web Design

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